julio 31, 2009 § Deja un comentario

In Covent Garden there are two daily markets. In front of one of those markets there are two shops. In one of these two shops there was a guy who saw a girl in a black suit and a pair of red converse walking, through the rain of sunlight rays that falling obliquely at the entrance’s shop, completely concentrated on the products stored on the counters. Broken her thoughts off by a decision the girl asked for a simple, medium, no too hot, cappuccino. On the girl blouse badge the guy could read the name of the chocolate shop located just beside, so he said curiously if she works at the next one. Her answer was right, and perhaps it was her first day at that. Although the guy forgot to introduce himself, did not her name and nor her childish face. Who knows from where came to the guy’s mind the idea of visiting the girl’s chocolate shop, so that two, three, or maybe less days passed when an afternoon shone by an open-blue sky the guy took a break and went to find the girl. After glancing at chocolates in dog’s shape, golden tea bags, and wines, spirits and some champagne, he tried to get on with her by a chat but he could just obtain a couple of short phrases in a trembling voice. When the bright and fresh chocolate shop was filled up with a warm and long silence the guy just say goodbye with a shame smile drawn on his face. When time passed and seemed to hide that moment no absolutely one would like to be reminded, both the girl and the guy met up coincidentally on lunch hour in a crowd and noisy supermarket when they were buying each one their own lunch. A freeze surrounded them as long time as they could greet nervously, ask how is going on job, and say many byes and hope to see you next time. As the guy’s interest in the girl increased very fast, he decided to go to her shop in his day off for more than a briefly talk. What did the guy think to do? He really didn’t plan anything at all, so just started to talk about one of things he liked to do so much. So do I, she answered suddenly with her chin up and those gorgeous cheek coloured in red. A vacuum left by his breath in his chest and muted drums which beat on his temple finally encouraged him to say: Catharina, would you like to go to the cinema with me someday?


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